Mentorship Implant surgery

The one-on-one mentorship offers you a practice-oriented implantology training to be able to place implants independently in your own practice. You will receive guidance from an NVOI accredited implantologist.

We offer unique mentorship programs for oral surgery, implantology and digital restorative dentistry! Our classroom courses are practice-oriented with many hands-on and clinical cases. The theory can be reached whenever and wherever you want through this exclusive online platform. The concept of the mentorship program is as follows: You will learn the basic theory and the (pre)clinical skills through the exclusive online platform and the classroom courses. You then immediately start working with patients. You can either bring your own patient or you will be assigned a patient through the academy. You will work under the guidance of a mentor in a one-to-one format.

Level1 (Straightforward)

Start placing implants

Target audience: Aimed at dentists who would like to start placing implants in straightforward cases.

Description: Learn the basics for placing tapered bone level implants with realistic hands-on exercises. Insert 20 implants under supervision of an implant surgeon. The indications for level one include solitary implants in the (pre)molar region in the partially edentulous upper and lower jaw with sufficient alveolar bone ridge height and width, two solitary implants in the edentulous mandible for an overdenture or two adjacent implants or two implants for a three units bridge.


Level2 (advanced)

Expand your knowledge

Target audience: Aimed at dentists who would like to learn the different procedures for horizontal and vertical bone augmentation with clinical indications and practical applications

Description: Complex rehabilitations usually require horizontal and vertical bone augmentation procedures to ensure sufficient bone quantity and soft tissue quality at prospect implant site. Learn the basic principles for sinus floor elevation and horizontal and vertical augmentation. Treat 10 cases with different bone augmentation procedures.


Overview bone augmentation materials & techniques.

Level3 (complex)

Become an expert

Target audience: Dentists who would like to learn the digital workflow. Learn digital planning and guided surgery, immediate implant placement and immediate restoration loading using a full digital workflow.

Description: The aim of this course is to introduce the digital workflow for full arch rehabilitation with implant supported prosthesis. Discover the advantages of guided surgery workflow and learn digital planning, surgical guide design and 3D printing. Treating five patients under supervision using guided surgery.

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