Surgical Tooth Extraction

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Overview: Learning to place an implant starts with learning to extract a tooth. In this course, you will be introduced to the use of Rotary Handpieces and Piezo-Electric Surgery for complicated tooth extractions. In addition, the instruments and techniques for an atraumatic tooth extraction will be discussed. You will be equipped with the skill of root splitting, and raising a flap to deal with a buccal wall fracture or sinus perforation. You will also learn how to remove small pieces of root stuck at the root apex’s level.  The protocol, technique and steps of socket preservation post-extraction using different bone graft materials will be discussed and demonstrated. Two days of theoretical lectures and hands-on clinical training on custom-designed, 3D-printed resin models and pig jaws using rotary handpiece and piezo-electric surgery.


Course date: 26-27 May 2023

Location: TRIAdontics Academy, Koningin Julianaplein 38a, 1502DV, Zaandam, The Netherlands

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What Will You Learn?

  • Surgical instruments and sterilization.
  • Complicated tooth extraction using rotary handpieces.
  • Atraumatic tooth extraction using piezo surgery.
  • Multiple teeth extractions.
  • Socket preservation technique.
  • Bone grafting materials

Course Content

Surgical Instruments.

  • Basic Instruments in Oral Surgery.
  • Use of Forceps, Elevators and Periotomes.
  • Use of Rotary Handpiece and Piezo-electric Surgery.
  • Surgical Cassette.

Surgical extraction

Extraction of Impacted Teeth.

Socket Preservation.


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