Surgical tooth extraction Course

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About Course

This course will equip you with the necessary knowledge to perform surgical extractions and to manage surgical complications. Learn the fundamental skills involved in root splitting and fractured root extraction using rotary handpieces and piezo electric surgery without damaging the buccal wall. Learn how to operate patients effectively and safely with a sterile workflow. Learn how to manage complications arising from surgical trauma including bleeding, bone fracture and sinus perforation. Learn socket preservation techniques for future implant placement.  We start with OPT and Cone Beam CT image interpretation and proceed to the classical clinical situation of complicated surgical extraction of a deeply caries tooth (subgingival) with missing mesial wall.  Then we advance to how to perform a third molar removal step by step and how to ensure a smooth post-operative healing. In that section you will also learn how to estimate the risk of nerve damage and how to inform the patient. Which patients are suitable for treatment in the general practice and which patient should be referred to an oral surgeon. Other topics covered include:

  • Sterile work and surgical instruments.
  • Use electrosurgery and use of the Piezo
  • Suture materials and techniques.
  • Anatomy for Oral Surgery
  • Anesthetic per indication.
  • Incision and flap design
  • What do I do with the alveolus if the plan is to replace the tooth with an implant?
  • Hands-on training suturing, maintenance of the alveolus, developing lap, use of handpiece, Indication and instruction and hands-on use of piezo. Indication and instruction and hands-on training using Electrotoom.

Mentor: Dr. Bassam Hassan

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What Will You Learn?

  • Lectures: Learn the clinical procedure for successfully removing a tooth with deep caries, root fracture or peri-apical granuloma. Learn soft and hard tissue management, antrum perforation closure and surgical suturing.
  • Hands-on: Practice extractions on custom 3D models. Master the root splitting technique using rotary handpieces and piezo electric surgery. Learn when to apply a specific suturing technique.

Course Curriculum

Module 1

  • Extraction Socket Preservation Autogenous Bone

Module 2

  • 2 Root Splitting Using A Round Bur

Module 3

  • Socket Preservation Multiple Teeth

Module 4

  • 1 Uncomplicated Extraction

Module 5

  • Wisdom tooth extraction

Module 6

  • Extraction 36 with socket preservation using autogenous bone harvesting with Auto Chip Maker

Module 7

  • Extraction 17 using Piezo Surgery


  • Sterile preparation

Module 9

  • Continuous suture completely edentulous

Module 10

  • Continuous suture partially edentulous

Module 11

  • Single interrupted sutures

Module 12

  • mesially impacted wisdom tooth removal exercise

Module 13

  • Root splitting using rotary handpiece

Module 14

  • Using forceps and elevators

Module 15

  • Suturing lecture

Module 16

  • Basic instruments in oral surgery

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