Fully digital guided surgery

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This is the most comprehensive course on guided surgery and immediate loading protocol. Following completion of this course, you will be able to place implants using Guided Surgery kit and immediately restore the case using a temporary restoration. If you are an implant restorative dentist, you will upgrade your skills in guided surgery and immediate loading concepts whilst at the same time familiarizing yourself with the possibilities for CAD/CAM prefabricated restorations.

Learn the three pillars of digital workflow (scan-design-manufacture). We start with an in-depth training on proper Cone Beam CT image interpretation with special emphasis on scanning and reconstructions tips and tricks. Then we will delve into digital planning starting with the integration between intraoral and Cone Beam CT scans. Subsequently, we continue with the digital prosthetic setup (backward planning) and continue to plan implants positions with consideration to both surgery and prosthetic planning. Subsequently, you learn all the steps involved in surgical guide design with respect to type of support, sleeve height, inspection windows and more.  The different digital workflows for partially and completely edentulous patients will be discussed. The use of fixation pins and the double scan technique for completely edentulous arches will also be demonstrated. We will practice implant placement on custom 3D printed models using Guided Surgery Kit.


Course date: 5-6 May, 2023

Location: TRIAdontics Academy, Koningin Julianaplein 38a, 1502DV, Zaandam, The Netherlands

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn modern techniques for performing implant surgery in challenging clinical situations. Learn guided surgery and CAD-CAM from Cone Beam CT to Intraoral scans to 3D printing of surgical guides with the Straumann guided surgery digital workflow. Learn how to fabricate a temporary crown on an immediately loaded implant.
  • Learn how to integrate Cone Beam CT datasets and Intraoral scans and design surgical guides using the leading digital implant planning software
  • Advanced digital techniques for virtual tooth extraction, digital bone reduction and surgical guide fixation using titanium pins will be taught.
  • Learn 3D printing of surgical guides

Course Content

Digital preoperative diagnosis and treatment planning

  • The virtual patient concept integrating intraoral, facial and CBCT scans
  • CBCT anatomy considerations for implant surgery
  • Intraoral and facial scanning for virtual implant planning
  • Designing and 3D printing surgical guides

Digital implant rehabilitation of the partially edentulous patient

Digital implant rehabilitation of the completely edentulous patient

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